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Who We Are

A Compassionate, Energetic and Highly Qualified Team of Professionals

our team

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

Our team of BCBAs works hard to ensure that our mission is carried out through the design and implementation of individualized, data-driven ABA programming. BCBAs assess language, skills, and behavior before making programming recommendations to families and other caregivers. They then design programs meant to strengthen adaptive behaviors, and decrease challenging behaviors. BCBAs train Behavior Technicians and supervise their delivery of ABA therapy, analyze the effectiveness of therapy, and make changes to programs to encourage lasting and meaningful learning.

Behavior Technicians (BTs)

BTs are the heart and soul of our team. They are the front line service providers, working one on one with children in their homes and communities. BTs generally have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a human services field, and come to PLS to strengthen their professional and clinical repertoires. Most of our BTs will have the option to become Registered Behavior Technicians®  once they have completed training and demonstrated a high level of therapeutic skill. Our BTs enjoy the ability to be creative and have fun with their clients, while being a highly valued and trusted member of the client’s treatment team. BTs develop a close rapport with their clients, allowing them to deliver services that are caring and sensitive to the specific needs of each client. We trust our BTs to provide BCBAs with data and reports that help to ensure the highest-quality ABA programming possible.

our team
our team

Case Managers/Behavior Specialists

Case Managers are experienced BTs who are enrolled in a master’s degree program seeking certification in behavior analysis. Case Managers are BTs who have consistently demonstrated superior abilities and knowledge of ABA, and have been determined to be eligible for fieldwork supervision with one of our BCBAs. Case Managers work very closely with a supervising BCBA to develop the clinical and professional skills that they will need as future behavior analysts. Case Managers work directly with clients delivering services designed by a BCBA, but also assist in the development of programming in conjunction with the BCBA. They may help train and supervise BTs, conduct assessments, or analyze data under the guidance and close supervision of an experienced BCBA.

Administrative Support

Our administrative support professionals deserve all the credit for keeping us moving behind the scenes. From scheduling, training, billing, and organizing, we couldn’t do our work without them.

our team

Meet Our Team