Sabrina RandoExecutive Director - Prime Lifetime Services, LLC
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Our Team


Sabrina Rando

Executive Director
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst

Sabrina began working with children with autism in 2003. She was immediately drawn to the field by both the challenge and the reward of teaching children to communicate and to become more independent. She has worked with several populations and in many settings, including public school, private school, residential settings, and in client homes. She earned a master’s degree in behavior analysis from Simmons College and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2013.

Today, Sabrina is most interested in applying behavior analytic principles to adult learning and leadership. She earned a doctorate in education from New England College, where her dissertation research focused on improving conditions for paraeducators who work with children with autism in public schools. Sabrina lives with her husband, son, and sister, and enjoys lots of reading, playing with her dog, and raising her small flock of backyard chickens.